Guide on how to find the best memory foam mattress

foam mattress

Statistics show that a whopping percentage of mattress shoppers go memory foam types. Perhaps, memory foam mattresses are designed to provide ultimate comfort for those seeking restful sleep after a stressful day. Others buy to revive and replace their tired old brands. However, there is a broad range of options to choose. The maze of choices in most cases makes it challenging to select the right type. Shoppers must learn how to navigate the various options available on the market and understand the factors to consider in buying a good foam mattress. Here are some tips on how to find the best memory foam mattress.

Consider density and depth

foam mattressDensity refers to how soft and firm a mattress is. When measuring the firmness, ILD is the common term used. Side sleepers are more likely to experience pressure points when they sleep on hard ones. Most types adjust to the body temperature and would mold to suit natural body contours. Low-density mattresses (below 3lb) become soft instantly and are ideal for those who prefer soft beds. Medium density types (4-5lb) have a good balance of soft-firm ratio. The user does not sink deep when sleeping on it. High-density types have 6lb or more. They are recommended for those suffering from severe aches and pains.

Consider the Bounce Back

It measures how a foam mattress spring back when one sleeps on. Modern foam mattresses have a series of layers that sink in the first layer but spring back in the second. It is a new trend, and shoppers must be aware of when purchasing them.

Eco-friendly foam

Off-gassing is a vital feature that buyers need to consider. Some come with a chemical odor that can be harsh to some users. Those with little to no odor are preferable and are eco-friendly. The use of certified materials and compounds is recommended to avoid health hazards to the users. Checking for Volatile Organic Compounds is the best step to take when shopping for one.


A huge percentage of manufacturers incorporate the use of closed cell technology. Such technique makes them feel warm and sometimes even hot. The reality is that the closed cell technology prevents the free flow of air. Others use the gel-infused technology to make their mattresses remain fresh. Considering this helps the buyer understand more and consequently select the best brand for their sleeping needs.


foam mattressThough buying a mattress is a more of personal choice, it is vital for the shoppers to understand the factors to consider. The above are some tips on how to find the best memory foam mattress. You can also check out for more tips.