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3D House Rendering Options

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If you are trying to build or sell a house or any other kind of property, then you would have an easier time convincing potential clients with the use of a 3D architectural rendering software. As the name suggests, this kind of software allows users to create 3D models of objects such as houses and buildings.swimming pool of a house

You need to keep in mind that potential buyers and the construction team always want to see a realistic model of the property they are going to buy. Such a tool is particularly useful for projects that are not yet finished such as condominiums in the pre-selling stage. There are many different 3D house rendering options available to users. The popular ones will be discussed in this article.

Popular Rendering Software

Google Sketchup

One of the simplest 3D house rendering options available is Google Sketchup. This is created by the same guys who created the popular search engine so you can be sure that this is a very reliable program. The best thing about this program is that it is very easy to learn. You can handle many things with it including putting color and texture in the sketches. Probably the best feature of the program is that it allows users to move around the design as if a person is physically present within the sketch. Google Sketchup comes with a pro version that can be used in conjunction with other programs such as AutoCad.

Chief Architect Premier

Looking for other 3D house rendering options, then you can choose to use Chief Architect Premier. This program is created specifically for creating designs for commercial and residential projects. This program comes with many advanced features such as the option to use water colors and drawing lines. With this program, you can also bring images and other materials grabbed online into the design to make it more personal. One unique feature of the program is called Glass House. It allows users to render a clear image of a house or building.

Two moblueprint of a buildingre 3D  rendering options

You can also use Vista, which is a program developed by Sierra Soft. This program is not only a 3D architectural rendering program. It also allows users to create customized textures and even to add up textures.

Then there is Revit by Autodesk, which is one of the newest 3d rendering programs available in the market. This is a fully functional program any architect or architecture student can use to create images of the real building on his or her computer’s screen.