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Various Types of Flowers In the World

There are over 25,000 types of flowers across the world, which are known and named. In fact, this diversity is attributed to reproductive success in a broad range of habitats. A flower is made of petals, leaves, stems, and whorls. The following are some types of flowers you should know.

Types of flowers


These are plants that grow only for a single season. Their seeds mature into flowers after germinating iPerennial plantnto seedlings. After maturity, the plants die. The majority of such plants are vegetables. Some of the vegetables, which mature into fruits include tomatoes, pepper, beans, and squash peas. You can use them in your garden. They tend to stay fresh for long time and bloom. In fact, these plants are known as perennials and come with lesser need.


Unlike annuals, perennials grow in more than one growing season. Thus, they can be planted from the bulb or seed. They have shorter periods for blooming as compared to perennials. As a result of this, gardeners usually pair them with the annuals that bloom at periods such from fall to spring seasons. They include roses, mums, peonies, daylilies, and much more. When they are planted, they create the backbone of a garden. They return year after year. You do not have to replant a perennial. They have structures such as bulbs and rhizomes that allow them to survive for several years.


These plants grow for two seasons. They never bloom until the second year. They require special care during the winter in their first growing Biennial plantseason. They drop the seeds when they have lived their last season. In the first year, they are very vegetative. This implies that they do not reproduce. Usually, they will grow a rosette of leaves and roots below the ground. When the first year is over, some part of the plant may die back, and the roots may remain. In the end, these plants die after blooming and producing new seeds. They can grow as green plants and survive the winter.

It does not matter one’s level of experience; it is possible to have a beautiful life. However, for flowers to do their best, there is a need to understand some basics about the way flowers work and whatever they require. For instance, some need sunlight. This is because they need energy and it only comes from the solar. Ensure they get at least 5 hours of sunlight in the day during the growing season.

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