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Inspire rehab center Thailand

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Drug and substance abuse is a principal problem in Bangkok, Thailand. Marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine are some of the commonly abused drugs and substances for most of the people who explore treatment at our rehab center. Without our services at Inspire Rehab Center since 1982, many drug addicts in Thailand would experience severe health complications, social complexity, or even lose the battle to addiction.

Before admission, at our American-style facility located in a peaceful, serene area, away from urban areas, we assess all our clients. The consultation session lasts for thirty minutes and is conducted by our intake specialists to shed more light on all the questions patients, or their loved ones may have about our services, travel arrangements and much more.

Next, on your first day of admission, our experts will assess the victim’s situation to come up with a personalized treatment approach. This makes our programs stand out from the rest and promote quick recovery. Lastly, we will help you get over your addiction, teach you several ways to recover from substance abuse and avoid relapse. Our simple approach to each patient’s situation has been proven to bring the swiftest and most efficient recovery.

Why choose us?


people having a meetingCounseling is an essential ingredient in our addiction treatment. Our counselors teach addicts more about addiction and how to overcome it without much trouble. Besides, they praise them when they make leaps and give them support if they get into problems. We offer one on one or group counseling to allow addicts to get support and challenged by their peers who are also facing the same difficulties.

Personalized treatment

Drug Rehab at Inspire is personalized because we understand that not all addicts abuse the same drugs or substance. Our professionals are from America, and they specialize in treating addictions as well as mental disorders. Unlike other rehabs that tailor a single approach to tackle all addictions and admit huge numbers to their facilities, we only accept five clients at once to ensure that we give them the personalized treatment they deserve.


Detox is the initial step in our drug addiction treatment program. It involves getting rid of drug toxins from your system. Once you are free of drug toxins, our experts can start other related tasks such as counseling, physiological therapy among the rest.

Licensed Professionals

Our experts are licensed professionals, and you should have a piece of mind when they are working on your case because they are trained only to follow strict specifications and provide top quality treatment to all patients.

Health and well being

We take care of the nutrition of all our patients by meeting all their dietary requirements. Our aim is to ensure that every patient is eating healthy and staying busy during treatment.

Mental health treatment

Our experts treat mental health disorders using several approaches such as behavioral therapy or using a combination of medication.


Our prices are reasonable, and that is why many of our past clients keep on referring new customers to us. Don’t pay more elsewhere while we can offer even better services for less cash.

icon for money billsIf you care about living a drug and addiction free life and you need urgent help, attending our drug rehab center is the best option if you are looking to get adequate help and make a full recovery. Our team of specialists and professionals are well trained and skilled in using different treatment techniques to ensure that addicts fully recover. Contact us at Inspire Rehab today to discover more about our facility and how it will be ideal for your case.

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Significant role of security guard services

security guard on an escalator

A security guard’s main objective is to prevent crime. Their job is to deter people committing crimes by making their presence felt, while being on the lookout for risks that could escalate into potential crimes.

A security guard has some duties to do this, here they are:

Clearly visible

By making themselves visible, they make potential criminals think twice about stealing or damaging anything. This in itself can reduce the number of crimes that take place, acting as a deterrent.

Respond quickly

If there is a security breach, then a guard has to be prepared to respond quickly. This means they have to be alert and know how to respond in a variety of situations, without panicking and making rash decisions.

Being vigilant

There is always need to be on the lookout for any risks that could cause harm. This means they have to have good senses to notice when something is wrong before the risk escalates into something more serious; good hearing, for example, to detect odd, untoward sounds.

Calling emergency services

security service vanIn some cases, such as armed robbery or assaults with weapons, a guard needs to know when they need assistance when a situation is beyond their responsibilities. In these instances, they need to call the police as soon as possible so they can handle the situation.

Crowd control

As well as providing corporate security services ensuring the security of business buildings, security guards are often involved with crowd control at large public events. These can include football matches, concerts, and events involving high profile individuals. Their purpose in this situation is to ensure the safety of individuals as well as properties.

Reporting incidents

Part of the job role is to make sure they report any incidents to a supervisor or the local authorities if necessary. This will make sure that the appropriate measures are taken to prevent the incidents from happening again.

Offering advice

A good security guard will be able to advise his employer if he notices a potential security breach situation. This may include convincing employers on the severity of a security threat and the possible consequences if action is not taken.

The first point of contact- many are positioned at the entrance of a building or area of land. While their job role doesn’t involve receptionist duties, a security guard is likely to be the first person a visitor sees and so they should be approachable and willing to help if necessary.

security guard with eyeglassesSecurity Guard Company Boca Rato has the required skills, the eligibility and requirements to be employed as a security officer can be dependent on city, county, or state regulations as well as any additional requirements placed upon the role of the employer. It is recommended that you research the security guard requirements in your local area before seeking employment,

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