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The Don’ts in Tractor Maintenance

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When tractors here first invented, they were only seen in farming communities. It is because tractors were designed primarily for agricultural purposes where they are used to pull a variety of farm implements for plowing, planting, cultivating, fertilizing and harvesting crops. They are also used for ferrying heavy materials and for personal transportation in the rugged terrains of the rural areas.

Today, tractors can be seen in residential areas in both tropical and temperate countries. In tropical countries, they are used in construction sites where for towing jobs. There are many other important uses of the tractor such as; grading a gravel road, land preparations in big landscaping projects and many other functions when attached to other equipment. They are also used in the same manner in temperate countries, but in winter, they are used to clear roads and driveways from ice and snow.

With the many essential uses of tractors, they should be well maintained to function properly when we need them. The following is a list of what you should not do so that your tractor will be able to serve you for the longest time possible.

Don’t Pretend to Know Everything

You should consult your tractor user manual about everything that pertains your tractor. In it are tips on how you should care for your equipment and basic instructions on how to operate it. It also contains product specifications and its essential parts; their description, location, and function.

snow removalDon’t Overload

There is a specified amount of weight for every tractor brand. Don’t overload or it can suffer early wear and tear before its supposed lifespan. Whatever work is in store for your tractor whether be it for tow jobs or ice and snow removal, always the carrying capacity..

Don’t Neglect the Filters

Because tractors are used in a dirty and dusty environment, it does not require the cleaning of its external parts as that of a car. Just make sure you clean the air and fuel filter to get rid of contaminants. If they cannot be cleaned thoroughly or you notice corrosions on them, it is better to replace them. By not washing them frequently, it can cause significant failure in other parts of your tractor.

Don’t Expose your Tractor under the Rain

Tractors should be parked in a covered area such as the garage so it will not be exposed to the rain. Rain can destroy the exhaust system and other instruments. And, it will be more comfortable to sit on a dry sit than on a wet one. Your seat foam will wear out in time if it is often exposed to rain.

tractor workingDon’t Innovate on Tools

Each brand of a tractor has a compatible set of tools. Not using the right tools is not advisable. Using them repeatedly can mean more harm in the long run.

The best way to care for your tractor is to follow what is written in the manufacturer’s user guide and to follow its maintenance schedule. Always check on the fluid levels and their compatibility with your tractor, the brakes, air pressure on tires and the needed lubrication. By observing all these, you can expect to be able to enjoy your tractor for more years than expected.