Understanding the Different Types of Bowling Balls


Bowling is a favorite game for many people. However, when it comes to bowling, your performance will depend on the type of ball that you use. Using a good bowling ball is the best way to perform well in the game.

There are different types of bowling balls depending on the material used, weight and shape. If you are a beginner, you need to check out Love my ball from bowlingballDepot.com. Here are the most common types of bowling balls available in the market:


Plastic is the most common type of ball we have for bowling. These balls are made using plastic or polyester. The reason why many people prefer these balls is the fact that they are low cost. Plastic is a fairly affordable material, and it is easy to get this ball.

Plastic is hard, smooth and non-porous. For beginners who are not willing to invest in something expensive, plastic balls are good. With a plastic ball, you can learn bowling before you invest in something expensive.


Urethane is a good material if you are hesitant about plastic. People who are willing to get something over the top can try urethane. A ball with a urethane will give you a good grip, and it is easy to control.

If you want to control the ball without feeling the cheap plastic you might want to consider this type of material. Unlike plastic, urethane has good friction with the lane, and this is good for performance. It is also more durable than plastic.

Symmetrical balls

The symmetrical balls can also be known as two-piece bowling balls. For beginners who have not yet learned how to control the hooks, symmetrical balls are a perfect choice. An asymmetrical bowl will be ideal when bowling on a symmetrical lane. When bowling on low speed, this is also a good bowl because it gives you perfect precision.


Drilled balls

If you are looking for a bowling ball that responds faster to friction, this is an excellent choice to consider. With asymmetrical balls, you get parts of the ball that are heavier than others. With these balls, you get more control because of the angular parts of the ball.

This is a drilled ball that covers more distance than the symmetrical balls. You also get more grip with this type of ball because of the holding pins that you get.

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